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Listen Up vol. 2


Following the success of Sofia’s first podcast festival last year, the Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria, AEJ-Bulgaria, is holding the second edition of its podcast festival Listen Up, which will take place December 8-10. Just like last year, we will give you a chance to virtually meet podcast creators from near and far. This year, though, Bulgarian podcasts take center stage on December 10, when several prominent podcast hosts will speak about their craft; we will also stream a live recording of a podcast show.


Attendance is free, but you need to register. All events during the festival will be streamed online.


Festival attendance is free but participants need to register in advance.

18:00-19:00 The Daily: In Conversation with Asthaa Chaturvedi
In this Q&A session, Asthaa Chaturvedi – a producer on The Daily – will take us behind the scenes to learn how one of the most popular news podcasts in the world is made and what it means to work with print journalists from around the globe.

18:00-19:00 We Don’t Talk About That: In conversation with Isabel Cadenas Cañón
In this Q&A session, Isabel Cadenas Cañón – creator, host and producer of We Don’t Talk About That (De eso no se habla), a narrative non-fiction podcast about silences – will talk about how to create a non-fiction podcast from scratch and touch upon taboo issues. She will also speak about her new role as Head of Audio at the Spanish newspaper El País.

18:00-19:15 Speed Talks: Podcasting in Bulgaria
Nikoleta Atanasova, The Place Eric Halsey, The Bulgarian History podcast Katerina Vasileva, Polifemme Svilen Georgiev and Martin Grahovski, InСтории

19:15-20:30 Live recording of Periscope, AEJ’s podcast about media and journalism
Panel discussion: Role of Journalists in the Era of Misinformation
• Velislava Popopa, editor-in-chief of Dnevnik.bg
• Dr. Angel Kunchev, chief health inspector
• Nikoleta Daskalova, media observer at Media Democracy Foundation
Guest host and moderator: Irina Nedeva, chair of AEJ-Bulgaria


We have invited a number of podcast hosts, producers, and audio storytellers
from around the world.

Isabel Cadenas
Isabel Cadenas Cañón

Isabel Cadenas Cañón is an audio producer and writer. She was recently appointed Head of Audio at the Spanish newspaper El País. She’s the creator, host and producer of We Don’t Talk About That (De eso no se habla), a narrative non-fiction podcast about silences… and about how we break them. Her podcast was part of PRX’s Google Podcasts Creator Program and won a number of awards. Her audio stories have been broadcast by Deutsche Welle, Radio Ambulante, Las Raras and several Spanish radio outlets. She regularly teaches audio storytelling.

Asthaa Chaturvedi
Asthaa Chaturvedi

Asthaa Chaturvedi is a producer on The Daily, where she has worked on episodes about the aftermath of the January 6th insurrection, investigations of how people around the US are experiencing this unique economic moment, and the future of the Democratic Party. She previously worked at WNYC’s On the Media, Gimlet, FiveThirtyEight and CNN. She’s been in the world of documentary film, podcasting and radio since 2015.

Eric Halsey

Eric Halsey is an avid podcast listener but only started his own in 2013 after deciding against a career in academia. Eight years and 150+ episodes later, he has built The Bulgarian History Podcast into the only English-language podcast about the country’s history. With nearly a million total listens, the podcast continues to make Bulgaria’s history accessible to people around the world.

Katerina Vasileva

Katerina Vasileva is a student majoring in political science at Sofia University. She is the author and host of the Polifemme Podcast, which is dedicated to female politicians from Bulgaria and around the world. Her journalism career started in 2019, when she started reporting for the student platform sCOOL Media; she later joined the website Uspelite.bg. Katerina is the winner of the 2021 Web Report Young Author Award, a media competition organized by Dir.bg.

Martin Grahovski
Martin Grahovski

Martin Grahovski is a director who has filmed videos in more than 25 countries across Asia, Africa, Western Europe and the Americas on a wide range of topics, from voodoo culture in Ghana to medical camps in India. His passion for travel inspired him to become one of the hosts of the InСтории podcast and visit new destinations through the captivating stories of the podcast’s guests.

Nikoleta Atanasova
Nikoleta Atanasova

Nikoleta Atanasova is a journalist at Bulgarian National Radio and one of the hosts of The Network, a radio show about media and journalism. She teaches at the Journalism School of Sofia University and is the creator and host of a podcast called The Place. Nikoleta is a contributor to the Bulgarian section of Deutsche Welle and Toest, an independent online platform.

Svilen Georgiev
Svilen Georgiev

Svilen Georgiev is one of the creators and hosts of InСтории, a podcast about journeys as a way of life and about life as a journey. When not in charge of preparing episodes, Svilen is the editor-in-chief of InGlobo magazine, as well as the organizer and host of the events Speed Quiz and Story Hunters. Of course, he travels a lot, which has inspired a ton of good stories.